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To successfully introduce a high speed spindle into an existing manufacturing process, it is necessary to have knowledge and experience. For over seventeen years, IBAG North America has sold, installed, engineered and serviced high speed spindles.  Please contact us to find out how IBAG can supply a high speed spindle system for your manufacturing process.

Spindle Service, Parts & Accessories

IBAG North America has provided repair, installation and rebuilding services for IBAG products for over seventeen years. All repair work, including bearing replacements, balancing, run-in and vibration testing is performed in our modern North Haven, Connecticut facility.

Please let us know below what type of service you require, and describe the spindle problems you are having. If you are planning to ship us your spindle for service, please make sure to look at spindle/ shipping instructions for details.

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IBAG Spindle Witte Vacuum Work Holding Products
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Spindle Service, Parts & Accessories

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IBAG Spindle Witte Vacuum Work Holding Products
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