Vacuum Work Holding Systems

IBAG North America is the exclusive representative of Witte, a German manufacturer of high quality vacuum work holding chucks, pumps and accessories. The Witte vacuum product line includes a wide variety of vacuum chucks, designed to satisfy most applications. If your parts are small, large, require high accuracy or have other demanding specifications, we can provide a solution that is dependable, cost effective, and available with a fast delivery. Whether your application is satisfied by a standard Witte product, or a custom design, Witte vacuum work holding chucks will hold your part securely, accurately, and reliably.

Witte offers modular standard products that can be easily configured for your parts. The proper vacuum work holding system for your application will be determined by part size, accuracy, and the machining process required on your parts. Contact IBAG today to discuss your unique application. Our team of application specialists will evaluate your application, and recommend the correct Witte system to satisfy your needs.

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