Shipping box with fragile sticker on it

Please follow these very important steps when shipping an IBAG High Frequency Spindle. Failure to do so may void any warranty.

  1. Drain all fluids from the spindle. Use compressed air to completely blow coolant out of the spindle. (If coolant is not removed, it can cause rust and corrosion damage on the spindle housing during shipment.)
  2. Cover any brass water tubes with a short piece of plastic tubing. Insert red plastic plugs on all quick disconnects located on the rear of the spindle. This will prevent debris from entering the spindle.
  3. Coat  the exterior of spindle with a spray of WD40 or light oil. This will prevent the spindle from rusting.
  4. Wrap spindle in anti corrosive paper, if available. If no oil paper is available, use normal brown paper, sprayed with oil, around the spindle housing.
  5. Pack the spindle in original packing box or crate. For smaller spindles, a foam insert may be used. If no insert is to be used, always protect the spindle nose with foam or layers of corrugated cardboard, and provide enough packing material such that the spindle cannot move within the shipping box. Failure to do so may result in shipping damage to the spindle. For large spindles, use a cradle to support the spindle and prevent any movement during shipping.
  6. When original packaging is not available please provide packaging that is sturdy and protective of the spindle. Do not rest the spindle on the front rotating nose of the spindle. Protect the spindle at all times from shipping damage.

Questions about Your High Speed Spindle Repair? 

If you have any questions regarding this procedure for shipping your spindle for repair, please contact us at 203-872-5048.  You may also download and print a copy of these spindle shipping instructions here.