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Repair Services for CNC Spindles and Witte Vacuum Workholding Products

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Spindle Repair Services

IBAG North America provides the only factory authorized high speed spindle repair service for IBAG products in North America. This includes system installation, testing, bearing replacement, motor repair and tooling system repairs. All work is performed in our modern, 10K SF facility in Connecticut. Click below for more details.

Vacuum Worholding Repair

IBAG North America is the exclusive distributor for Witte vacuum products in the USA. We provide application support, vacuum pumps, chucks and accessories, spare parts and full repairs for Witte vacuum workholding products.  All repairs of wet and dry vacuum pumps, and liquid ring pumps, is performed in our 10K SF facility in Connecticut. 


Contact Us for Spindle Repairs and Vacuum Workholding Repairs You Can Trust

IBAG North America offers repair services for both High Speed Spindles and Vacuum Workholding products. Have questions? Call us at 203-407-0397.
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