High-speed milling spindle systems are high RPM, high production tools that can boost productivity for multiple applications in a variety of industries. IBAG North America manufactures and designs high-speed spindle systems providing maximum speeds of up to 170,000 RPM and power levels of up to 130 HP.

Benefits of Using High-Speed Spindles

CNC machining utilizing high-speed spindles provides many production and quality benefits. These benefits include the following:
  • Increased levels of precision and improved part accuracy
  • Decreased manufacturing cycle time, leading to increases in production efficiency
  • Reduced overall part cost due to cycle time reductions
  • Ideal for optimizing special milling and grinding operations not possible with conventional processes


High-speed spindles are often used in the aerospace industry due to the widespread use of light materials such as aluminum and composites. Aerospace parts production demands high precision and speed while maintaining strict quality standards. High-speed drilling, milling, and grinding operations required by the aerospace industry can be provided by utilizing high-speed spindles more proficiently than traditional machining methods. Offerings of high-speed spindles aerospace parts manufacturing include:
  • High-speed drilling for aircraft assembly
  • 3D milling and grinding for turbine blades
  • Airframe parts
  • Turbine engine components


High-speed spindles are used in a variety of applications for automotive production. High-speed spindles are used in grinding, milling, and drilling applications. High-speed spindles are commonly used in both dedicated production lines and flexible manufacturing on robots. Typical automotive applications include engine components, aluminum suspension parts, wheels, and other components.


Medical equipment manufacturers produce a wide variety of products. Implants, as well as medical equipment often demand producing very small parts. One of the major benefits of using high-speed spindles is the optimization of production when using very small-diameter cutting tools. Small medical parts, such as spinal implants and bone screws, can be produced in a fraction of the time it takes when compared to conventional processing. High-speed spindles can be used to produce the following:
  • Implants and bone screws
  • Medical devices and plastic molds for medical parts
  • Prosthetics, knee and hip joints

Electronics Manufacturing

The electronics manufacturing industry employs high-speed spindles for drilling, routing, and milling operations. High-speed spindles support high-precision, high-speed micro and nanotechnology manufacturing efforts. In addition to improved precision, high-speed spindles on CNC machines reduce cycle time. Manufacturing applications for high-speed spindles in the electronics industry include micro-drilling, producing printed circuit boards, aluminum frames, and electronic components.

Military & Defense

Military and defense manufacturing demands high precision. By utilizing high-speed spindles on CNC machines, production for military and defense industries becomes more productive and efficient. High-speed spindles are used in the production of parts and systems for:
  • Military aircraft airframes
  • Military spacecraft aluminum and composites
  • Ground defense vehicles
  • Military electronics
  • Shipbuilding

High-Speed CNC Spindles from IBAG North America

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