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Spindle Applications

  • Small diameter cutters offer great opportunity to benefit from HS technology.
  • Thorough evaluation of application required to determine if HS makes sense.
  • Cutter generally limits use of high speed, not spindle system.
  • HS cutting of soft materials possible but requires sufficient spindle stiffness and power.
  • Mold & Die applications benefit with superior surface finish and great quality.
  • Micro-drilling application requires high speed and accuracy, not speed alone.
  • Partner with knowledge, experience and high quality products key to success.
IBAG high speed spindles are used in a wide variety of applications. High speed cutting is used to improve quality, reduce cycle time, and increase manufacturing efficiency. Simply put, rotating a cutter faster will permit the cutter to perform the work faster, as long as the maximum operating limits of the cutter are not exceeded.
Any application requiring the use of a small diameter cutter can benefit from using high speed technology. Whether the need is for micro-drilling or micro-milling on a Swiss style CNC lathe, engraving on a machining center, or mold & die finishing with a small diameter ball-nose end mill, running a small cutter at higher RPM will generally save time and improve your process.
In soft materials, there are few limits to cutter speed, however, higher RPM usually requires higher spindle power. For example, machining aircraft aluminum components can benefit when using high speed cutting technology, including superior surface finish and thin walls, as long as the spindle motor has sufficient rigidity and power to support the resulting high material removal rates.
In mold and die applications, the cutter speed will be limited based on the cutter material and coatings. So, high speed is typically used for semi-finishing and finishing operations, with a very small contact area during cutting. This process results in an exceptional surface finish that minimizes or eliminates hand finishing, saving time, cost, and optimizing final part accuracy.
One very popular high speed application is micro-drilling, often required for medical and electronic component parts. A standard machine tool cannot perform this operation in a reasonable time, and often struggles to maintain acceptable quality. An IBAG high speed spindle, with exceptional accuracy (less than 1 micron runout), can perform this operation at a fraction of the time and maintain the highest quality, while also extending tool life.
To apply high speed technology to your manufacturing operation, it is critical to work with a partner that has the proven knowledge and experience to successfully advise and direct your efforts. IBAG North America has over 25 years of experience utilizing high speed spindle technology to increase performance, reduce cycle time and improve quality for our customers.
By working closely with machine tool OEM’s, distributors and end users, we have worked on hundreds of high speed cutting applications, including spindle selection, feeds & speeds, ROI, and work holding requirements. Together with our partner Witte, this has also included turn-key vacuum work holding systems Contact IBAG North America today to explore how applying IBAG high speed spindle technology and vacuum work holding systems can improve your bottom line.

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