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Specialized Plug-N-Go Spindles

CNC Milling Machine High Speed Plug-N-Go Spindle Options

The IBAG Plug-N-Go Spindle product line includes the HFK25, HFK90, HFK95 and HFK135 high speed milling spindles. The Plug-N-Go spindles combine an IBAG high speed milling spindle, integrated with a mounting taper to be inserted into a standard CNC machine tool spindle. This allows any horizontal or vertical CNC milling machine to utilize high speed machining capability without permanently modifying the machine. With variable speeds up to 60,000 RPM and continuous power to 8 kW, the IBAG Plug-N-Go spindle can satisfy your high speed milling, drilling, or grinding applications.
The smaller HFK25 and HFK95 models are air cooled. These systems are intended to be used for light milling and grinding, including engraving, micro-drilling, and small mold finishing. The larger models HFK90 and HFK135 are liquid cooled, and can support larger diameter tools and higher power applications. Have questions? Contact us today or call us at 203-407-0397 to learn more about our CNC Milling machine plug-n-go spindle options.

High Speed CNC Machine Plug-N-Go Features:

  • Four models available to suit your high speed milling requirements.
  • Precision collet system standard. Tool diameter capacity up to 5/8”.
  • Hybrid ceramic bearings with grease or oil micro-mist lubrication.
  • Variable speeds up to a maximum of 60,000 RPM. Power up to 10 kW.
  • Optional mounting taper adapters including CAT, BT and HSK.
  • Advanced high frequency drives selected to optimize spindle performance.
  • High accuracy and low vibration, balanced to G1 at maximum speed.
  • Rugged, reliable system with a one year warranty.

Custom Large Spindle CNC Machine Integration Mounting Tapers

The IBAG Plug-N-Go spindles can be supplied with the following mounting tapers: CAT40, BT40, CAT50, BT50, HSK63, HSK80 and HSK100.  Multiple mounting tapers can be easily changed on the Plug-N-Go spindle, providing great flexibility when using the system on multiple machines.
The complete system includes the IBAG spindle, electronic high frequency drive, air seal filter regulator, spindle chiller (if required), collet, collet nut and wrench set. Maximum tool diameter varies by tooling or collet type.

CNC Machine High Speed Plug-N-Go Spindle Applications

The most popular applications include installation into vertical and horizontal CNC machining centers for specific, high speed operations. Common applications include engraving, graphite and copper electrodes finishing, 3D mold & die finishing, micro-drilling, and thread grinding operations.
All IBAG spindle systems provide a one year warranty for rugged, reliable performance.

IBAG Plug-N-Go Spindle Technical Specifications
IBAG Plug-N-Go Spindle

Custom High Speed Spindle CNC Machine Integration

IBAG spindles are a perfect solution to convert your Plug-N-Go spindle CNC machine to a high speed production center. Once implemented, the IBAG spindle machine integration will allow fully automatic spindle control, including direction and speed, and complete ATC operation. No permanent changes are made to the machine tool, so that if desired, the standard spindle can be reinstalled in the future. Give us a call today at 203-407-0397 with your Plug-N-Go Spindle project requirements. You can also start a quote to get your order started.