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High Speed Micro Spindles

  • High speed micro spindles
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  • Microline Spindles
    Microline Spindles
  • Microline Spindles
    Microline Spindles
  • High precision micro spindles
    High precision micro spindles

IBAG spindles are a perfect solution to convert your micro CNC machine to a high speed production center. Once implemented, the IBAG spindle machine integration will allow fully automatic spindle control, including direction and speed. No permanent changes are made to the machine tool, so that if desired, the standard fixed tooling can be reinstalled in the future.

IBAG offers a full line of compact, powerful milling spindles designed for use in Swiss style CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, and engraving centers. All high speed micro CNC spindle products utilize brushless DC motors, with maximum speeds up to 120,000 RPM, with power capabilities up to 390 watts. 

If you have specific questions regarding our high speed micro spindle options, get in touch with our sales team or call us at 203-407-0397 and we will gladly speak to you regarding your project’s specifications. IBAG is your trusted manufacturer and supplier of custom high speed micro CNC milling spindles.

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High Speed Micro Spindle Features

IBAG manufactures advanced quality high speed precision micro spindles that are constructed from premium stainless steel and sealed, hybrid ceramic bearings with grease or oil mist lubrication. Our micro CNC spindle products are available in straight configurations and extended length, as well as right-angle and adjustable angle models. Size options range from 16 mm up to 33 mm. Additional features include:

  • Full line of spindle sizes from 16 mm to 33 mm. One micron accuracy.
  • Stainless steel housings with integral air seal to protect bearings.
  • Sealed, hybrid ceramic bearings used in all spindles as a standard.
  • Variable speeds up to 80,000 RPM. Higher Speeds optional.
  • Powerful, DC motor technology used. Air cooled.
  • Advanced electronic high frequency drive optimizes spindle performance.
  • Multiple spindle switch box available to share drive for 2 ~ 4 spindles.
  • Rugged, reliable system with a one year warranty.

Advanced precision high speed micro spindles are manufactured from premium quality materials and are designed for use in Swiss style CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, and engraving centers. The spindle speed is variable and adjustable to maximum specifications, delivering super high accuracy (1 micron). 

Custom High Speed Micro Spindles for Multiple Spindle Applications

Specific spindle models are designed to fit easily into Star CNC, Citizen, Tornos, and other Swiss style CNC machines. The spindle can be controlled manually or by CNC with remote control option, while easily integrating into machine CNC interface for M-Code operation. Spindle applications include:

  • Medical machining
  • Small diameter drilling
  • Special machine applications
  • Engraving
  • CNC lathes
  • CNC milling machines

Multi Spindle Application Process

For multiple spindle applications, a switch box allows sharing one spindle drive between two or four spindles, each with independent speed control. Rotary couplings are available to allow installation of IBAG Micro Line spindles on a CNC lathe turret.

The complete system includes the IBAG Micro Line spindle, electronic high frequency drive, air seal filter regulator, ER8 collet, collet nut and wrench set. Maximum tool diameter is 1/8”. High speed micro spindles are rugged, extremely dependable, and come complete with a one-year warranty.

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IBAG New High Speed Spindle for Star CNC Machines

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For more information regarding our high speed electric micro spindle options, get a quote or contact IBAG today! IBAG is your trusted source for high speed micro spindles and fully automatic CNC Milling spindle control conversion systems.

Visit our Resources page to learn more about the new spindle warm-up procedure.

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