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Large Spindles for High Speed CNC Machine Integration

Custom Features for Large Spindles:

  • Full line of 170 ~ 360 mm spindles. Various speeds and power possible up to 100 kW.
  • Automatic tool changing standard with coolant through the tool optional.
  • Hybrid ceramic bearings with grease or oil micro-mist lubrication.
  • Variable speeds up to a maximum of 30,000 RPM.
  • Powerful, AC/DC motor technology used. Closed-loop orientation standard.
  • Advanced electronic high frequency drives selected to optimize spindle performance.
  • High accuracy and low vibration, balanced to G1 at maximum speed.
  • Rugged, reliable system with a one year warranty.

CNC Milling Machine High Speed Large Spindle Options

The IBAG Large Spindle product line includes a range of 170 mm to 360 mm diameter high speed milling spindles. With maximum speeds up to 30,000 RPM and continuous power to 100 kW, IBAG offers a wide variety of spindles to satisfy your high speed milling, drilling, or grinding applications.
All spindles in this product category are liquid cooled. Motor specifications are available to provide the optimum speed, power, and torque solution that best fits your needs, using AC or DC motor technology. Both open-loop and closed-loop position control is possible. Coolant through the tool is optional with speeds up to 30,000 RPM and pressure to 1000 PSI.

Custom Large Spindle CNC Machine Integration Tool Clamping Styles

Automatic tool clamping styles are standard. Automatic tool changing (ATC) systems supported include HSK63A/E, HSK80A, and HSK100A. Tool position sensors are also standard.

The complete system includes the IBAG spindle, electronic high frequency drive, air seal filter regulator, spindle chiller, tool holder and wrench set. Maximum tool diameter varies by tooling or collet type.

CNC Machine High Speed Large Spindle Applications

The most popular applications include installation into vertical and horizontal CNC machining centers with full ATC integration. A multitude of applications include aerospace machining, large aluminum aircraft components, machining of graphite and copper electrodes, mold & die production and automotive applications. Custom spindle systems are possible with a variety of spindle drives. Special, high torque grinding applications are also supported.
All IBAG spindle systems provide a one year warranty for rugged, reliable performance.

IBAG Large Spindles