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Precision Special Spindles for High Performance CNC Machines

CNC Milling High Speed Custom Spindle Options

IBAG offers a wide range of standard spindles and options, and typically one will satisfy most applications. However, if a unique application requires a special design, IBAG can usually satisfy that demand. From custom motor specifications to special spindle housing designs, IBAG engineering can find a solution for your specific requirements. Give us a call at 203-407-0397 with your application requirements or contact us today to learn more.

Advanced Features for High Speed Custom Spindles:

  • IBAG special spindles developed for many unique applications.
  • Brand specific designs produced for Swiss style lathes: Star, Citizen, Tornos, and Tsugami.
  • Turn-key packages available for Haas Vertical CNC machining centers.
  • Special spindles produced with custom housing designs to fit specific machine tools.
  • Large, 5-axis heads with different options and features provided for many years.
  • IBAG experience and engineering capability provides a strong partner.
  • Contact us today to explore a unique solution for your high speed spindle needs.

High Speed Special Spindles for Small Spindle Systems

For small spindles, IBAG has produced a variety of products to fit specific Swiss style CNC lathes, including Star CNC, Tornos, Tsugami, and Citizen. The spindle housing is produced to fit into existing tool blocks, making installation quick, easy, and accurate. In addition, standard CNC interface options have been developed so spindle control by the CNC is simple and reliable.
Due to strong demand, turn-key conversion packages are available for Haas vertical machining centers. The package includes the 30K IBAG spindle, drive, chiller, electrical controls, and electrical and mechanical conversion parts required. Installation requires only two days.

High Speed Special Spindles for Medium Spindle Systems

Many medium IBAG spindles have been developed for special applications, including glass grinding, deep hole drilling, CBN wheel dressing, and composite routing. In some of these projects, it was necessary to produce the spindle parts from stainless steel, or provide a resistant coating to protect the spindle housing from extreme corrosion.

High Speed Special Spindles for Large Spindle Systems

Large IBAG spindle specials include spindles capable of both turning and milling. A locking gear is positioned within the spindle housing that holds the shaft rigidly for turning operations. With the gear released, the spindle shaft can rotate at high speed to mill and drill.
Many IBAG spindles have been developed for the large, 5-Axis machine market. These spindles offer a wide variety of speeds, tooling and power options, and fit into the mechanical holding bracket specified by the machine tool OEM.

Contact IBAG North America for High Speed CNC Machine Special Spindles Today

With over 75 years of spindle design experience, IBAG is the ideal partner for the development of a special high speed spindle for your application. Contact us today with your requirements and we will advise if a technical solution is feasible or give us a call at 203-407-0397 with your application requirements.

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