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IBAG High Speed Spindles

IBAG North America designs and manufactures a broad range of advanced high speed spindle systems. With maximum speeds up to 170,000 RPM, and power levels up to 130 HP, IBAG can supply the right high-frequency spindle for your unique application.  If you mill, grind, or drill, a precise high speed spindle can increase production, lower costs, and improve overall efficiency.

At IBAG, we believe that experience is vital to the success of any project. That is why we rely on our 75 years of industry knowledge to deliver high speed CNC machine spindle assemblies that are designed to your specification requirements.

If you have specific questions regarding our CNC high speed spindle options, get in touch with our sales team or call us at 203-407-0397 and we will gladly speak to you regarding your project’s specifications. 

High Frequency Spindle Systems

A complete IBAG spindle system includes the high speed spindle motor, bearing lubrication components, electronic spindle motor drive package, and spindle cooling unit.  The support systems are engineered and built in the USA, to provide long, dependable service. Custom systems are also possible, with special mechanical bracketry, electrical interfacing, and system monitoring to integrate with your CNC.

CNC High Speed Spindle Applications for OEMs

High frequency CNC milling spindles provide profound application features that cannot be matched by other processes. By working closely with machine tool OEMs, distributors and end users, we have worked on hundreds of high speed cutting applications, including spindle selection, feeds & speeds, ROI, and work holding requirements. Our high speed spindle applications include:
  • Die Cutting
  • Soft Materials
  • Mold & Die
  • Micro Drilling

Installation & Engineering Services for High Speed Spindles

To successfully introduce a high speed spindle into an existing manufacturing process, it is necessary to have extensive knowledge and experience in proper machine integration. For over twenty five years, IBAG North America has successfully sold, installed, engineered, and serviced high speed CNC spindles.  Each application requires the right spindle, carefully matched to the part requirements and specifications.

High Speed CNC Spindle Service Repair Solutions

IBAG North America provides repair, installation and rebuilding services for all IBAG high speed spindles. All repair work, including bearing replacements, balancing, run-in, and vibration testing is performed in our modern North Haven, Connecticut facility.

Witte Modular Vacuum Pumps

No. Type Suction Capacity Motor V/kW Max. mbar dB (A) Lxwxh Mm Kg
80172 Modular Pump 6 230/0.37 50 59 500x630 25
80173 Modular Pump 6 400/0.37 50 56 500x630 25
82147 Modular Pump 16 230/0.55 20 60 500x630 31
82146 Modular Pump 16 400/0.55 20 60 500x630 31
80174 Modular Pump 21 230/0.75 20 62 500x630 45
80175 Modular Pump 21 400/0.74 20 62 500x630 45
82150 Modular Pump 63 400/1.5 20 65 600x600x1030 95
83467 Modular Pump 100 400/3 20 67 700x700x1130 113

Witte Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

No. Dimensions Suction Capacity Motor V/kW
93801 463x432x602 22m3/h 3 ph. 400V 50/60 Hz, .83/1.06kW
93802 515x572x743 45m3/h 3 ph. 400V 50/60Hz, 1.2/1.6kW
93803 515x572x743 65m3/h 3ph. 400V 50/60Hz, 2.4/3.5kW
93804 525x620x920 100m3/h 3ph. 400V 50Hz, 4kW
93805 710x845x1100 150m3/h 3ph. 400V 50Hz. 4kW
93806 710x845x110 198m3/h 3ph. 400V 50Hz, 5.5kW
93807 710x845x110 232m3/h 3ph. 400V 50Hz, 7.5kW

High Speed CNC Spindle Options

IBAG high speed spindles use the most advanced bearing technology available today, including hybrid ceramic, angular contact ball bearings with advanced micro oil-air bearing lubrication systems. We offer the following high speed milling spindle options:

Micro Spindles

IBAG manufactures advanced quality high speed micro spindles that are constructed from premium stainless steel and sealed, hybrid ceramic bearings with grease or oil mist lubrication. Our micro CNC spindle products are available in straight configurations and extended length, as well as right-angle and adjustable angle models.

Small Spindles

IBAG small spindle product line includes a range of 45 mm diameter high speed milling machine spindles. With maximum speeds up to 170,000 RPM and power to 2.5 kW, IBAG offers a wide variety of spindles to satisfy your high speed milling, drilling, or grinding applications.

Medium Spindles

The IBAG medium spindle product line includes a range of 60 mm to 150 mm diameter high-speed milling spindles. With maximum speeds up to 80,000 RPM and continuous power to 14 kW.

Large Spindles

CNC high speed large spindles are available at various speeds with a maximum of 30,000 RPMs and power possibilities up to 100 kW. The spindles high accuracy and low vibration results in a G1 balance at maximum speeds.

Plug-N-Go Spindles

The Plug-N-Go spindles combine an IBAG high speed milling spindle, integrated with a mounting taper that is inserted into a standard CNC machine tool spindle. This allows any horizontal or vertical CNC milling machine to utilize high speed machining capability without permanently modifying the machine.

Special Spindles

IBAG offers a wide range of standard spindles and options, and typically one will satisfy most applications. However, if a unique application requires a custom spindle design, IBAG engineers can find a solution to fit your specific requirements.

CNC Machine Integration

IBAG spindles are a perfect solution to convert your CNC machine to a high speed production center. IBAG machine integration begins with a thorough evaluation of the customer’s application. Based on the application requirements, the proper CNC machine spindle assembly, including spindle power, speed, and tooling, will be selected.

High Speed Spindle Tooling

Depending upon the application and accuracy requirements to provide complete mill, drill, and grinding services, various tool holding systems must be utilized. IBAG offers a wide range of additional tooling and accessories for your spindle systems. Learn about our services to help your manufacturing process run smoothly and efficiently.

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High Speed CNC Spindle Retrofit Systems

At IBAG North America, we deliver custom machine retrofit systems, including small and large spindles, as well as multi-spindle applications. All design work is done in AutoCAD and Solidworks, providing reliable digital documentation. Custom bracketry, tool changer component parts, spindle drives, and custom electrical PLC systems that are designed and fabricated in our own workshop.

Discover IBAG's Additional Services for your High Speed Spindle Systems

IBAG is your trusted state-of-the-art High-Speed CNC Spindle manufacturer and supplier. We also offer a wide range of additional tooling and accessories for your spindle systems and helpful video resources. Learn about our services to help your manufacturing process run smoothly and efficiently. You can also find out how IBAG can repair your high speed spindle system to keep your spindle in top condition. If you have any questions, check out our frequently asked questions page.