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IBAG Spindle Retrofits

  • High speed spindle retrofit on older or new CNC machines possible.
  • New machine spindle installation to replace standard spindle.
  • Auxiliary side-mount spindles available in addition to standard spindle.
  • Careful study must be completed to determine if investment is justified.
  • All work done with ACAD and Soildworks and built with CNC equipment.
  • Call IBAG North America today to evaluate your retrofit application.
IBAG high speed spindles have improved performance on many types of CNC machines, both new and old. For some applications, older CNC machines can benefit from the installation of a high speed spindle to improve productivity, increase quality, and reduce production costs. The key to success is having the knowledge and experience to know which applications will be successful, and integrating the spindle properly to achieve the desired results.
On new machines, it is possible to purchase a stock CNC machine and have the IBAG spindle system installed to replace the main spindle, or as an auxiliary side-mount spindle. IBAG North America has many years of experience designing and fabricating IBAG high speed spindle packages for many popular CNC machines, such as Haas and Star CNC, with spindle installation being completed at the machine tool dealer or the customer’s facility.
On older CNC machines, a careful study must be done to determine if the application and machine tool justifies the investment of an IBAG high speed spindle. If the upgrade makes sense, it is then necessary to consider the mechanical and electrical modifications that must be made to the machine and tool changer to properly integrate the IBAG high speed spindle system. This work can be difficult, and requires a partner with extensive machine tool and CNC control experience.
For over 25 years, IBAG North America has delivered custom machine retrofit systems, including small and large spindles, as well as multi-spindle applications. All design work is done in AutoCAD and Solidworks, providing reliable digital documentation. Custom bracketry, tool changer component parts, spindle drives, and custom electrical PLC systems are designed and fabricated in our own workshop. As the final step, installation and acceptance testing is completed on the customer’s floor.

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Contact IBAG North America today to see if you would benefit from a retrofit on an older machine, or installation of a new IBAG high speed spindle on a new CNC machine. Request a quote or give us a call at 203-407-0397 to get your order started. For other helpful resources, check out our IBAG Video Resources or High Speed Spindle Frequently Asked Questions.