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Spindle Bearing Lubrication Systems

  • Spindle Bearing Lubrication Systems
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  • Spindle Bearing Lubrication Systems
    Spindle Bearing Lubrication Systems
  • Spindle Bearing Lubrication Systems
    Spindle Bearing Lubrication Systems
  • High speed spindles require bearing lubrication to operate effectively.
  • Permanent, grease packed bearing lubrication possible for many applications.
  • Precision oil-air lubrication system optimizes IBAG high speed spindle performance.
  • Oil-air system includes pump, reservoir, injector block and control system.
  • Inquire today regarding IBAG North America lubrication systems for your spindle.
All high speed spindles, utilizing roller or angular contact ball bearings, require some form of lubrication to operate for a useful period of time. There are two types of lubrication typically used: permanent grease packed bearing lubrication and precision oil-air bearing lubrication.
Some applications prohibit the use of oil as a bearing lubricant, typically due to part contamination issues. This is a common concern for many graphite and medical applications. In this case, it is possible to build an IBAG high speed spindle with sealed, permanent grease packed bearings. This type of lubrication requires no maintenance, and will last for the life of the bearing. It is not possible to change or replace the grease in this type of system. However, when compared to oil-air bearing lubrication, grease packed lubrication typically requires a maximum spindle speed reduction of 30%. For higher speeds, and longer bearing life, precision oil-air bearing lubrication is highly recommended.
IBAG North America selects and assembles the proper components to provide the optimal oil-air bearing system for IBAG high speed spindles. This system will be comprised of a high-pressure oil pump, oil storage reservoir, precision metering/injector valve block and monitoring control system. The oil pump sends lubrication oil to the mixing block, where a precision metering valve dispenses the exact quantity of oil into a pressurized air flow. The oil converts into micro-droplets that are fed into the spindle bearings. A control system determines how frequently the oil is cycled, and monitors all functions for alarm conditions such as low oil level and low oil pressure.
A precision oil-air lubrication system not only provides the optimal amount of oil to the bearings, it also constantly cleans contamination out of the bearing and cools the bearing. The results of these combined benefits are reduced bearing wear, increased spindle life, and ability to reach maximum accuracy.

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