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Spindle Bearing Lubrication Systems

  • Spindle Bearing Lubrication Systems
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  • Spindle Bearing Lubrication Systems
    Spindle Bearing Lubrication Systems
  • Spindle Bearing Lubrication Systems
    Spindle Bearing Lubrication Systems
High speed spindles used in CNC machining that utilize roller or angular contact ball bearings require lubrication to operate as intended for the extended periods necessary. Typically, two types of lubrication systems are available for CNC spindles: permanent grease-packed bearing lubrication and precision oil-air bearing lubrication. IBAG North America selects and assembles high speed spindle bearing lubrication systems using permanent grease-packed and oil-air bearing solutions; our spindle bearing lubrication systems are designed to last the entire lifespan of the IBAG high speed spindle system. 

Benefits of CNC Spindle Lubrication Systems

To operate effectively, high speed spindles require adequate bearing lubrication. With components that are greased for life, IBAG North America manufactures CNC spindles that need little to no maintenance, offer proven technology, and minimize the risk of failure causing spindle damage. Though bearings are designed to withstand regular wear-and-tear, proper spindle bearing lubrication ensures that the CNC spindle rotates efficiently, providing accurate, precision cuts and a longer life span for the system.

Types of High Speed Spindle Bearing Lubrication Systems

IBAG North America proudly constructs spindle bearing lubrication systems utilizing grease-packed and oil-air bearing technologies. Each bearing lubrication system offers varying advantages and challenges.

Grease-Packed Bearing Lubrication Systems

Ideal for use in applications that prohibit oil as a bearing lubricant, such as medical and graphite applications, grease-packed bearing lubrication systems offer a contaminant-free CNC spindle bearing lubrication solution.  These IBAG high speed spindle systems are built with sealed, permanent grease packed bearings that will last the life of the system. Permanent grease-packed solutions are cost-effective and require little maintenance. It is not possible to change or replace the grease in this system. Grease-packed solutions must operate at slower speeds to avoid malfunction or failure.

Oil-Air Bearing Lubrication Systems

Providing an optimal amount of oil and actively clearing contamination and cooling bearings, oil-air lubrication systems are best for operations that require higher speeds and longer bearing life. These systems are comprised of:
  • High-pressure Oil Pump
  • Oil Storage Reservoir
  • Precision Metering/Injector Valve Block
  • Monitoring Control System
The oil pump sends lubrication oil to the mixing block, where the precision metering valve dispenses an adequate amount of oil into the pressurized air flow. Oil is then converted to micro-droplets that are fed into the spindle bearings, and the control system determines how frequently the oil is cycled and monitors functions for alarm conditions.

Contact IBAG North America to Discuss Spindle Bearing Lubrication Systems

IBAG North America can provide parts and service on existing bearing lubrication systems or recommend a new oil-air bearing lubrication solution for your system. If you have any questions, give us a call today at 203-407-0397. Visit our resources page to learn more about the new spindle warm-up procedure. For other helpful resources, check out our IBAG Video Resources or High-Speed Spindle Frequently Asked Questions.