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IBAG Machine Tool Chillers

  • Small high speed spindles are cooled by air flow and using machine bracket as heat sink.
  • Larger high speed spindles require an external cooling system to remove excess heat.
  • Precision chiller system includes pump, tank, refrigeration unit and controls.
  • Temperature control is critical to insure high spindle performance and long life.
  • Inquire today regarding IBAG North America chiller systems for your spindle.
Smaller high speed spindles are typically air cooled. The power levels are relatively low, and small bearings generate moderate levels of heat. Excess heat, created by motor losses and bearings, are generally dissipated by air fed through the spindle, air flow around the spindle housing, and heat absorbed by the metal spindle holding bracket.
Larger high speed spindles, however, are typically cooled with an external fluid, including oil or a water based solution. The fluid is supplied by a chiller system. The chiller system includes a pump, storage tank, Freon-based refrigeration unit, and electrical controls. The main function of the chiller is to circulate the fluid through the spindle housing while maintaining the fluid temperature within one degree Centigrade. Electrical controls maintain flow, temperature, and tell the CNC if any alarm conditions occur.
Heat is effectively removed from the motor and bearings, insuring that all spindle parts are held at a constant operating temperature resulting in top performance and long spindle life.

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