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CNC Spindle Tools & Accessories

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Production and supply chain shortages pose challenges to engineers and designers alike; opting for CNC machining for parts manufacturing and other tooling capabilities provides valuable production benefits. CNC machining offers increased production efficiency and precision to manufacturing in various industries. IBAG North America has specialized in powerful high speed spindle technology for over 25 years, offering many high speed spindle systems, tools, and accessories such as CNC tool holder systems, lubrication systems, chillers, and retrofit services.

IBAG Advanced Precision High Speed Spindle Tooling Systems

Tooling systems are essential to CNC machining and high-speed spindle use; they act as tool holders for CNC spindles. Holding the CNC milling or cutting tool is necessary for production, making tooling systems an integral part of CNC machining.

Spindle Chillers

With increased production capabilities, overheating poses potential challenges to high speed spindle manufacturing methods. Reduce unnecessary downtime with chiller accessories. Spindle chillers regulate and maintain the temperature of a CNC spindle head to prevent thermal expansion and ensure optimal precision in machining manufacturing processes.

CNC Spindle Bearing Lubrication Systems

Proper lubrication of high-speed spindles is necessary for the rolling elements and bearing raceways to perform as intended. Spindle bearing lubrication systems provide the required lubrication for CNC spindles to avoid the heat, race deterioration, rolling element deterioration, and cage disintegration, which could lead to spindle failure.

High Speed Spindle Retrofit Capabilities

IBAG Retrofit CNC spindle services assess the ability to modify older CNC machines to fit IBAG high speed spindle systems. Our experts will carefully evaluate the existing machine and spindle system to decide if newer models of CNC spindle systems can be integrated.

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