High Speed Spindle Systems & Witte Vacuum Workholding Solutions

Design & Manufacturing of Advanced High Speed Spindles and Spindle Systems for Precision Machine Integration


With maximum speeds up to 170,000 RPM, and power levels up to 130 HP, IBAG can supply the right high speed micro spindle, small spindle, medium spindle, large spindle or plug-n-go spindle for your unique application. If you mill, grind, or drill, a high speed spindle can increase production, lower costs, and improve overall efficiency. For over 25 years, IBAG North America has supported the sales, service, applications, and rebuilding needs for the North American market.

Experience is the key to success. Selecting the correct IBAG spindle system for your unique application is critical. And, properly integrating that technology with today’s CNC machine tools is vital. IBAG North America has extensive knowledge and experience to properly install your high speed spindle with a modern CNC machine tool, including mechanical and electrical features. IBAG's strict care and attention to detail is designed to provide you with the very best high speed cutting system you can buy. 

Advanced High Speed Spindle Systems for CNC Machines
Witte Vacuum Workholding Solutions

Witte Vacuum Workholding Solutions by IBAG North America

IBAG North America represents Witte Vacuum Workholding Solutions in North America. Witte is a German manufacturer that offers a full line of vacuum workholding equipment.  IBAG North America will evaluate your unique part needs and recommend the right vacuum solution, including vacuum pumps, vac mat systems, small parts chuck, microporous chuck, grid-type chuck, freeze chuck and round grid chuck systems, and accessories.

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