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Witte Small Part Vacuum Chucks

  • Slot Vacuum Chucks
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  • Rubber Adapter Mats used with Small Parts Chuck
    Rubber Adapter Mats used with Small Parts Chuck
  • Slot Vacuum Chucks with Rubber Adapter Mat
    Slot Vacuum Chucks with Rubber Adapter Mat

Witte Slot Vacuum Chuck Mat Material Options

Two mat materials are offered: urethane and elastomer. The urethane pads provide a good grip and minimize material slipping, while the elastomer is easier to machine to tighter tolerance requirements. Due to the mat thickness of 3 mm, it is possible to mill pockets and cutouts on parts as deep as 2.5 mm.

Precision Small Part Vacuum Chuck Features

  • Slotted chuck supplies vacuum to bottom of prepared pad.
  • Pad drilled or milled based on part size and shape.
  • Prepared pad becomes unique chuck for each part.
  • Great for small parts or engraving operations.
  • Various sizes available from stock – special sizes possible.

Small Part Slot Vacuum Chuck Design Functionality

The Witte small parts chuck is designed to hold smaller parts by using a slotted base and special adapter pads. The chuck is an aluminum plate, with a series of slots milled into it, connected to a vacuum pump. A plastic pad is placed on the top of the chuck, and the slots supply vacuum to the bottom of the pad. Each pad is customized by drilling, milling, or cutting in the part shape to allow vacuum to contact the bottom of the work material and provide holding force during machining of the final part.

Small Part Chuck Custom Applications

The small parts chuck is ideal for light milling and drilling applications, including engraving for parts larger than 25 x 25 mm. By modifying the pad in the proper way, it is possible to produce multiple quantities of small parts from a large sheet. The customized pad becomes a dedicated vacuum fixture for that specific part, and can be reused many times. This results in a very efficient and cost-effective production solution when compared to building, stocking and maintaining custom vacuum fixtures for every part.

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A wide variety of stock chuck sizes are available, with special sizes and configurations possible. Mats of most sizes are available from stock, and can be configured easily. We also offer microporous chucks, grid-type chucks, freeze chucks and round grid chucks

Contact IBAG North America to see if your parts would be well suited to the small parts chuck. We will evaluate your application, and recommend the right vacuum solution including small parts chuck type, pad material, and proper vacuum pump required.  Request a quote or give us a call at 203-407-0397 to get your order started.  For other helpful resources, check out our IBAG Video Resources.

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