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Witte Grid Type Chucks

High Precision Grid Type Chuck Features

  • Ideal solution for milling, turning or grinding.
  • The strongest and most accurate vacuum workholding method.
  • Vacuum chucks available in various sizes and grid spacing.
  • Tombstone fixtures for horizontal applications available.
  • Special chuck sizes and configurations possible.

Witte Grid Type Chuck CNC Machining Applications

Witte grid type chucks are the perfect universal solution for simple shaped components. Various grid patterns are available to suit the part surface quality, from smooth to rough. Simply install the proper size O-ring seal into the groove under your part material, and obtain solid vacuum clamping. Applicable to milling, turning and grinding, the Witte Grid Type chuck will provide the highest holding force, and best accuracy possible.

Grid Type Chuck Custom Applications

Witte Grid Type chucks are available in rectangular shapes for milling and grinding, as well as circular designs for CNC lathes. Fine grid patterns are possible for smaller parts, as well as special designs in steel, precision ground to provide super flatness and exceptional part accuracy. Horizontal tombstone fixtures are also possible for a variety of part and machine configurations.

A wide variety of standard sized Witte Grid Type chucks are available from stock, as well as modular versions that can be assembled to create custom workholding solutions. Ideal to use as a base vacuum chuck which can support adapter chuck plates for Witte Vac Mat, Witte Micro Porous, and Witte Small Parts chuck systems. Custom Witte Grid Type chucks can also be supplied for contoured and curved parts, typically used for large, aircraft component milling and friction-stir welding.

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