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Witte Flip Pod System

Custom Flip-Pod System features

  • Multiple vacuum pods are positioned to support part.
  • Cutting is allowed between pods. High accuracy possible.
  • Best suited for large work pieces on big machines.
  • Easily configurable for a variety of part sizes.
  • Successfully clamps wood, metal, composite and glass.

Witte Aluminum Flip-Pod Vacuum System Design Specifications

The Witte Aluminum Flip-Pod Vacuum system uses a series of aluminum pods with a large suction cup on one side and a blank surface on the other. When positioned with the suction side up, large workpieces can be supported and securely held for cutting. When flipped to the blank side, the vacuum source is closed off with a built-in check valve, and does not contact the part material. The Flip Pods are arranged to best support the part shape and allow cutting through the work without hitting any supporting Flip Pods.

High Precision Witte Flip-Pod Aluminum Construction

Each Witte Flip-Pod is constructed from aluminum, providing the rigidity and strength to support metal, wood, glass, plastic and composite materials. Height tolerance of 50 microns is possible, far better than conventional plastic pod systems.

Witte Flip-Pod Vacuum System Design Applications

Witte Flip-Pods can be installed on a base chuck plate for most machine types, and sizes. Very large systems have been successfully used on bridge and gantry style mills, as well as used for positioning large, contoured workpieces. New part support configurations can be quickly and easily changed, minimizing setup changeover times.

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Witte Flip Pod accessories include lifting rings, half-pods, transfer pods and locator pods. Contact IBAG North America to learn more about Witte Flip-Pod sets, base chuck specifications and other options. Request a quote or give us a call at 203-407-0397 to get your order started.  For other helpful resources, check out our IBAG Video Resources.

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