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Witte Precision Vacuum Pumps

Precision CNC Machining Vacuum Pump Options

Witte vacuum pumps provide a reliable, rugged solution for all your vacuum workholding needs. A wide variety of vacuum pump types are offered, including air-cooled, dry, and oil lubricated pumps. Vacuum capacities vary from 3 CFM to over 500 CFM. Most are designed for continuous duty operation, in multi-shift environments.

The exact vacuum pump offered will be selected to meet or exceed your specific vacuum chuck application requirements. The requirements include vacuum capacity (inches of mercury), adequate flow (CFM), supply voltage, and expected vacuum losses in the chuck that is to be supported.

Custom Witte Vacuum Pump Features

  • Various sizes available to meet any application.
  • Compact, rugged design rated for reliable, continuous operation.
  • Multiple voltages possible 120/230/460.
  • Modular units including integrated coolant separators.
  • Liquid ring pumps utilize machine coolant. No draining required.
  • Service, repair, and spare parts available.

Custom Modular Vacuum Pump Accessories

Modular vacuum units are constructed with integrated vacuum storage tanks and all electrical controls. Coolant separators are also available, as stand-alone units and integrated with the pump assembly. Special units are possible for large applications that feature automatic draining of the machine coolant.

Liquid ring vacuum pumps are offered in a variety of sizes, and are an excellent solution for vacuum chucks subjected to large volumes of cutting fluid, such as in aircraft and aerospace milling. A full range of accessories, including valves, filters, and safety monitoring switches are also available.

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All Witte vacuum pumps are guaranteed for a period of one year. Warranty service, parts and accessories are available at IBAG North America, North Haven, CT. 

Contact IBAG to discuss your specific vacuum application. After evaluating your needs, we will recommend the right Witte vacuum pump, and accessories that will provide a reliable, cost-effective solution for your manufacturing requirements. Request a quote or give us a call at 203-407-0397 to get your order started.  For other helpful resources, check out our IBAG Video Resources.

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