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Witte Vacuum Specials

  • Light, semiconductor and wafer chucks for inspection systems. 
  • 3D chucks for aerospace and contoured aircraft part applications.
  • Large, circular porous lathe chucks for plastic disks for wafer finishing.
  • Custom vacuum chucks for friction-stir welding.
  • Dedicated, small part chucks for credit card chip pocket milling.
The vacuum clamping of certain part shapes and configurations cannot be successfully held by a standard design. The parts may be very small, or intricate, and require a special solution. IBAG North America can provide a custom designed and manufactured vacuum chuck solution at a reasonable price and delivery that will satisfy your production needs.
Examples of special solutions include complex, dedicated to part vacuum fixtures, combinations of grid and Vac Mat systems, special Flip Pod arrays and many Micro Porous chucks for the semiconductor industry. Horizontal grid type chucks, designed and fabricated for application to a horizontal CNC mill, were supplied complete with internal vacuum accumulator.
Large, Vac Mat installations for huge gantry mills have been produced and used extensively in the aerospace industry. Many large grid type chucks have also been delivered with adapter plates to allow the use of vacuum for different applications.
After carefully evaluating your part specifications, and determining that there is a valid vacuum solution possible, we will provide a detailed proposal for your consideration.

Vacuum Speicals