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Vac Mat System

  • Unique, modular vacuum clamping system for flat work pieces.
  • Plastic mat with many round suction cups to hold part material.
  • Eliminates need for many different vacuum chucks.
  • Mats can be cut into ( 010” deep) without losing holding force.
  • Parts can be milled complete – no “break out” necessary.
  • Cut Vac Mats are disposable. Less expensive than multiple chucks!
The Witte Vac Mat is a specially molded, plastic mat that is used to create a modular, universal vacuum holding fixture. The Vac Mat is 300 x 200 mm in size, and has small and large suction cups molded into the top side of the mat. On the bottom of the mat, channels are provided to circulate vacuum provided by the Vac Mat chuck plate. A small diameter hole is located in the center of each suction cup. With vacuum applied to the underside of the Vac Mat pad, each suction cup will provide holding force on the work piece material. It is not necessary to cover all suction cups – only enough to provide adequate clamping force to properly secure the part during machining.
The Vac Mat system allows machining of a wide range of part sizes with the same modular system. Cutting is allowed up to 0.010” deep into the mat. This allows complete finishing of the part contour, including drilled holes and windows in large plates. No more breakout techniques required. Vac Mat allows the part to be completely cut without the need for secondary operations. The cut mats can be re-used for that part and disposed of after the part production is completed.
The Vac Mat pad is supplied in one size (200 x 300). Chuck plates are available in fixed sizes, as well as modular chucks that can be assembled to create larger machining areas. Vac Mat systems are successfully used on large, gantry style routing machines, as well as on smaller milling and grinding machines that need a fast and efficient vacuum work holding system for a family of flat parts. The standard flatness accuracy possible for the Vac Mat system is +/- 0.04 mm.
The Vac Mat system works best for parts larger than 150 x 150 mm. The vacuum pump capacity required for the Vac Mat system will depend upon the work area, as well as the number of suction cups that are uncovered. Uncovered suction cups will create vacuum losses that, although minimal, must be supported by the correct type and capacity vacuum pump. Vacuum pumps, liquid ring pumps, and liquid separators may be required to support the Vac Mat system.

VAC Mat Systems