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Witte Round Grid Type Chucks

Custom Witte Round Grid Type Chuck Design Options

To successfully provide a vacuum source to the rotating chuck, Witte offers a complete series of vacuum rotary unions. The rotary union is connected to the chuck at the center by a plastic tube, and supplies vacuum without losses at the chuck as it rotates up to 3,500 RPM. The round grid type chuck can be combined with adapter plates for dedicated vacuum fixtures, as well as finely gridded chucks for small parts applications.

The Witte Round Grid vacuum chuck is available in sizes from small (150 mm) up to over 800 mm in diameter. Special sizes and configurations are also available.

Custom Round Grid Chuck Features

  • Highest vacuum holding force and part accuracy possible.
  • O-ring seal fits into groove to clamp any size part.
  • Universal – replaces many dedicated vacuum chucks.
  • Can clamp smooth and rough surface material.
  • Configurations for VTL and grinding machines possible.
  • Rotary couplings available for vacuum supply to chuck.

High Precision Round Grid Type Chuck Applications

Witte Round Grid Type chucks are used for holding circular workpieces on lathes and mills. A variety of grid patterns are available to suit the part surface quality, from smooth to rough. Simply install the proper size O-ring seal into the groove under your part material, and obtain solid vacuum clamping.

Applicable to milling, turning and grinding, the Witte Circular Grid Type chuck will provide the highest holding force, and best accuracy possible. Compatible with turning centers having a hollow spindle and milling centers with a rotary table. Provides a universal vacuum clamping system for a family of part sizes and eliminated the need for many dedicated vacuum chucks.

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