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Vacuum Workholding Repair

  • Full repairs and rebuilding services for Witte wet, dry and liquid ring vacuum pumps.
  • Service parts, maintenance spares and filters available for all vacuum pumps.
  • Minor vacuum chuck damage repair services possible.
  • Vacuum switches offered to provide safety monitoring for CNC machines.
  • Inquire today regarding IBAG North America vacuum service capability.
IBAG North America provides repair, installation and rebuilding services for all Witte vacuum pumps, chucks and accessories. This includes spare parts, filters and chuck components. All pump repair work, including wet and dry vacuum pump and liquid ring pump repair is performed in our modern North Haven, Connecticut facility.
Vacuum pumps are often run continuously, which puts great demands on the bearings and seals. In addition, contamination, such as cutting fluid and chips can be drawn into the vacuum pump, causing internal damage and reducing the vacuum pump performance. IBAG North America provides a comprehensive vacuum pump rebuilding service, including a thorough cleaning, complete disassembly of the pump, installation of new gaskets, bearings, ceramic seals, and replacement of any worn or broken parts. All paper air filters are also changed.
Minor vacuum chuck damage can also be repaired, when feasible. IBAG North America has a full tool room, including CNC milling, grinding and turning equipment. If necessary, heavily damaged chucks can be returned to the factory for repair.

Vacuum Safety Switches are available to interface with CNC machines. When machining a part held by vacuum, it is critical that vacuum be maintained at all times. If vacuum is lost during the cutting process, the part will be released, potentially causing machine damage, a scrap part and possible injury.  These switches will monitor the vacuum level, and alert the CNC if the vacuum drops below an acceptable level, resulting in a feed hold or emergency stop condition on the machine.

Contact IBAG North America for support to properly interface a vacuum safety switch on your CNC. Request a quote or give us a call at 203-407-0397 to get your order started.  For other helpful resources, check out our IBAG Video Resources or High Speed Spindle Frequently Asked Questions.