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Witte Microporous Vacuum Chucks

Microporous Vacuum Chuck Materials

Microporous vacuum chucks are produced using extremely flat, porous material designed to clamp thin workpieces with high accuracy. The porous material used includes ceramic, Metapor© CE100, MC100, BF100 porous aluminum, and sintered bronze. Each material has a different porosity that will affect the vacuum clamping capability of the chuck. The specific porous material used would be determined by the specific application requirements.

High Precision Microporous Vacuum Chuck Features

  • Vacuum chucks using porous ceramic, bronze or aluminum.
  • Flat clamping surface does not deform work pieces.
  • Great for optics, soft materials, and thin work.
  • Ceramic chucks ideal for clean room and wafer inspection.
  • Metapor© material available for custom 3-D fixture applications.

Precision Microporous Vacuum Chuck Applications

Microporous chucks are best suited for the light, dry processing of very thin materials, such as foils, paper, thin films and metal strips. This type of vacuum chuck has been supplied for semiconductor wafer applications, optics, electronics and precision inspection applications.

For inspection applications, Microporous chucks are available with a flatness specification of less than 5 microns. Due to the design of this chuck, the work piece is fully supported, and will not bend or deform into a slot or hole typically found in standard perforated vacuum chucks. This makes the Microporous vacuum chuck unique and best suited for super high accuracy measuring requirements.

Microporous Vacuum Chuck Custom Options

Microporous chucks are available in stock sizes, as well as custom configurations for rectangular as well as circular chuck designs. Custom chucks, made to fit exact part sizes can be readily supplied based on customer specifications. Metapor© material is also available in standard block sizes, to be used for special vacuum chuck applications and to produce dedicated 3-D vacuum fixtures.

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