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IBAG designs and manufactures a broad range of advanced high speed milling, drilling and grinding spindle systems. We also specialize in vacuum work holding system for metals, plastics and composite materials. We invite you to explore our site and learn more about our capabilities, then contact us so we can put our expertise to work for you!


  High Speed Milling Spindles
With maximum speeds up to 140,000 RPM, and power levels up to 130 HP, IBAG can supply the high speed spindle for your unique application.
Vacuum Work
Holding Systems

Offering a full line of High quality vacuum work holding chucks, pumps and accessories from Witte.
Spindle Service, Parts and Accessories
Repair, installation, rebuilding, consultation, replacement parts and more.
Application Examples
Our products work for a variety of applications and industries...


Tooling Systems
IBAG Tool Holders are individually lab tested for runout, taper accuracy and balance.


IBAG Chillers
An IBAG chiller precisely control temperatures of your cnc machine


Lubrication Systems
Oil/Air lubrication is a kind of minimal quantity lubrication. A stream of air in a narrow tube pulls a droplet of oil apart...


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